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About Promotional Website Design  

     PromotionalWebsiteDesign.Com was created by parent company, Millennium Concepts Inc., to aid those new to websites, website design, internet marketing and related topics and services as they would apply to their company.

   Countless employees will have a boss or department head come to them and say something to the effect of,  "We have decided the company needs a website, (or needs to update our website, market our website, launch our new product/marketing campaign, etc.) And YOU Have Been Chosen To Head The Project!"

    Promotional Website Design stands ready to assist you every step of the way.

  At the very least we try to assist people to the point where they are able to understand enough to make intelligent technical choices that best serve their needs.

  Without having to cram an entire technical language and methods into a short period of time we find that presenting the basics in layman terms is the best place to start. If you already have an advanced marketing team, webmaster, graphics artists, in-house sales team or other's in place we can work directly with any or all of your team to assist them in making your project a success.

   We use common everyday analogies and comparisons to patiently lead new clients and their staff through the basics to the point where they can feel comfortable and assured they are proceeding correctly, to where they can make informed intelligent decisions regarding their needs.

   All of this ultimately leads you to the point where you can make a good solid decision what roles and how much involvement you wish to have with you and/or your companies website design and marketing.

  Let our patient and knowledgeable staff assist you, again using everyday terms, to get a handle on your project.

 We employ a wide range of specialists in many technical areas with all having one thing in common,,, 
    We Treat Everyone With Dignity, Patience & Respect, Most Importantly,,, WE DELIVER RESULTS.

PromotionalWebDesign.Com is as a subsidiary of Millennium Concepts Ent One of the countries leading commercial website design and internet marketing firms.
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Millennium Concepts Ent
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Over the last 20 years we have had many successful client's with great success building their traffic, brand, Sales!

Specialized And Targeted Custom Built Websites
Product, Service, Industry Specific

We work one on one with each client. We research your industry, targeted market, then work with you to create a professional website that goes specifically after your targeted market.

20+ Years Internet Marketing Experience
40+ Years Of Real World Marketing Experience
Decades Of Direct Hands On And Consulting Services
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Millennium Concepts
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Companies We Work/Worked With That We Have/Had Tremendous Success Include:

Heavy Equipment Manufacturers: Ask us about how we took sales of heavy duty commercial trailers from 2-3 per month to 3-5 Per Week for one of our client's. We Can Prove It!

Flooring Retailers & Wholesalers: We have nearly 20 years experience marketing retail and wholesale over the Internet. Ask Us More.

Restaurant & Food Industry: From smaller single location businesses to some of the largest food and related service industry clients. With Provable Records Of Past Success!

Apparel Industry: Major successes with the countries largest retailers of specific type of clothing. Competing and beating natioanlly known compeitiors, and YES, We Can Prove It!

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More Than Great Website Designs... Great Results....
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